According to my mother, I came out of her womb acting and was always the center of attention at family gatherings, whether I was singing “Johnny Be Good” while my uncle played guitar or used silly voices to tell stories or was pretending to be British at the grocery store- I was always acting out creatively. I jumped at any opportunity to get in front of a crowd at school whether it was the talent show or Christmas pageant. My first role in a play was as the queen in “The Ugly Duckling” in 8th grade. I was officially a drama geek and pursued theater arts electives in high school, became Vice President of the Drama Club, was initiated into the International Thespian Society and performed in every play and musical we put on. I even played Mrs.Potiphar in our award winning rendition of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” my freshman year.

I hold a BA in Theater Arts with an Acting Emphasis from California State University of Fullerton- one of the top ten theater training programs in the nation. I was blessed to perform at The Kennedy Center my senior year as Goldie Short in “The Diviners” as we won the Best All Student Production at The American College Theater Festival.

Since college I have performed in various theater productions, independent films, online ads, UGC projects, pod cast plays, and livestream hosting. I have experience as a Children’s Theater Director and costume character performer at children’s parties and have performed singing telegrams as a Marilyn Monroe Impersonator as well as at various fundraisers and stage productions. I am currently represented by Baron Entertainment LA for Commercials and Theatrically by Dream Team Talent LA.

Some of my recent performance highlights include the premiere of “Closure Cafe” an award winning indie short film in which I play an other worldly character Charon- the ferry woman of the afterlife. I play a malevolent French mime Aloise in the macabre short film “Unboxed” and had my first experience with a squib performing my death scene. I play the lead Andrea in my fifth pod cast play “How We Heal” launched on Open-Door Playhouse Pod Cast. Having more fun as a mime, playing Muti-Viv ZeMime as a rotating Host on the YouTube Channel RETROcirq.

I am also featured in a comedic online ad for NoMoBo’s “Stop The Stink Campaign” where I play Mandy in a support group for people suffering from body odor. I played a murder victim in “Murder in the Heartland” a crime reenactment show on Discovery Investigation and was a contestant on the new game show “Switch”. I am a character actor and comedienne at heart and love to pour my heart and soul and body and voice into whatever role comes my way in whatever medium or platform it comes.